When to build a new Equuleus ISO?

I build my own Equuleus ISOs using the standard build scripts. Works great. I used to watch the VyOS Jenkins build/test dashboard to see when the builds were passing their smoke tests. If the change log didn’t show anything new for a while (say, roughly a week), if the commits didn’t show anything for a while, and if the smoke tests had consistently passed for a while, I figured it would be safe to make my own build. I’d make a build every few months, or if something got added that interested me. Never had an issue.

It seems that the Jenkins dashboard is no longer public, so it looks like there’s no way to know when builds are passing their smoke tests. The Jenkins logs also provided a lot of information about what was in a particular build (kernel version, etc).

Without the dashboard (and its logs), is there a simple way to, say, look at the change log and the commits to know what features would be in a new build on a given day? (For example, how long does it take for something in the change logs to show up in the code that I’d download as part of my build?) And is there a way to know if builds are passing their smoke tests?

Thanks for any guidance…

Equuleus in general is our stable branch and should always work.

The dashboard is currently private due to a Jenkins permission issue. @evgeniy.bondarenko is there any update on this?

Thanks for the quick reply. There was a stretch right after January 1 where it seemed to be failing the smoke tests - maybe that was an issue with the tests themselves? Regardless, when 1.3.3 gets tagged, I’ll probably do a new build. 1.3.2 is working without issue.

It‘s a false positive with the tftp testcase where the VRF validation fails on the CI but works in production it seems. We try to make the logs public again

Thanks, much appreciated.

Hey guys, I’m new with building ISO images specifically for VyOS. I’ve tried building 1.3.2 with the Docker method but it failed because of unsatisfied package error. After that, tried I tried both the newly tagged 1.3.3 and latest Equuleus branch, both compiled and booted successfully.

My question is, is the tagged 1.3.3 and latest Equuleus branch considered stable and LTS? Thanks :slight_smile:

The one tagged 1.3.3 would be considered LTS. That said, while my use case is basic (home network, one VLAN, IPv6 delegated prefix, ZFW, nothing exotic), I have had zero issues with any 1.3.x builds. (Like you, I hit the failed dependencies issue, but that seems to have been fixed on the VyOS servers side.) BTW, thanks for the heads up on 1.3.3 being tagged, I hadn’t seen any announcements. I have it building now in the background as I type this.

Sure thing. Do share with me the result of your tests for 1.3.3 if possible. I tried to import my previous config from 1.3.1 that was having an issue with our redirect to 1.3.3. So far it works great. The import was successful :tada:

No serious “testing” here - just normal use in a work-from-home situation. So far the 1.3.3 build is working fine. Looking at the commits page, it looks like there was one bug fix (on May 24) after 1.3.3 was officially tagged. I don’t know if my build includes that (I suspect it does, since I built mine on May 25), but it doesn’t affect my use case either way. Glad to hear yours is working.

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