Where are the nightlies?

Enjoyed the most recent Vyos project update and can’t wait for 1.3 to go final. However, the update invited people to test the nighties in order to take advantage of all the most recent changes but I can’t find one listed since 12 July if I recall right. Any word on when they’ll start to be posted again? I checked Vyos.io and Vyos.net to no avail. Thanks!

We found one bug with charon/ipsec T3697
So it should be available again when this task will be fixed and all smoketests in our CI will pass.

Thanks for the response and explanation! Is this a fix you all expect to have soon or are there other things that demand your attention right now?

That bug is a mysterious one. What actually happens is that the config from vyos-1x/bgp-azure-ipsec-gateway at current · vyos/vyos-1x · GitHub fails to load correctly as a part of the smoke test process (fails with “IPsec process did not start”).

The strange part is that I couldn’t reproduce that problem by loading that config in a freshly-booted VM. Personally, I’m tempted to just disable that test for the time being.

If you’d like to help, you can try testing this image from Aug 6: https://files.baturin.org/tmp/vyos-1.3-rolling-202108051725-amd64.iso with that config or your own configs.

You can also build your own images: the build doesn’t fail, only that particular test does and only when the system is in the state created by running previous tests—we are still trying to find out what that state is.

Building a local iso works fine, just pulled the latest code and updated my rc5 with the latest 1.3-rolling.