Which CPU should I look for?



I’m going to build a system capable of 10gbit (40gbit ingress+egress on 2 interfaces) routing with full sized packets (not in a single connection), a simple nat router with about 30-50 filter rules and just 2-3 interfaces.

Which CPU should I look for that will give me the most? while not going on something overkill.
many core CPU? AMD? Intel?
whats more important in terms of throughput? the instructions the CPU supports? the CPU clock?

Is there some sort of benchmark with variety of cpu’s that I can compare and decide that on my own?

If thats somehow matters, the NIC is Solarflare SFN5122F.
There’s no ram/cpu/mobo yet, and thats why I’m asking here what to look for first :smiley:

After seeing this I’d guess that even AMD FX-8300 should handle as 10Gbit routing?!

I’d really appreciate your help!


Intel generally has better performance than the boat anchors AMD cranks out these days. The link you included was for Vyatta, which supports Intel DPDK, you won’t get anywhere remotely close to that kind of throughput with a “standard” x86-based system. 10G with large packets may be do-able, but I don’t personally have any experience with that level of traffic and VyOS. It’s PPS that kills with x86.

You’ll need to pay close attention to driver support for your selected NIC.