Which HW to get?


I would like to put VyOS onto a 16-24 port switch hardware for a small/medium office.

Are there any recommendations? Is there something that works well on your end?

Thank you.

there is no such hardware,
you just need managed switch and x86 server or board to run VyOS

Thanks for the reply. That means that effectively at the moment there’s no x86-based network appliance which I could just flash with VyOS and enjoy let’s say 48 Gbit switching/routing capacity right away.

Another question then if I may, is there any board with more than 4* 1 Gbit interfaces (like Alix/APU which I run on several smaller installations)? I’m trying to find out what would be the max switching/routing throughput I can achieve in my setup if I go with a reasonably cheap HW.

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Hello Gazoo, you may want to look into CumulusLinux and switches which come preloaded with it.
There are some devices like Netgate RCC-VE 2440 or others or you can build your own I guess(all depends on budget and needs)
Keep in mind that software switching will be not cool, VyOS is not for switching, switching at this time better to offload(there is NICs which can do that, but switches is a way cheaper)
You likely will want to use intel NICs in case you want build own configuration

If you’re looking for cheap and not supported from any major company, my setup at home is a Quanta LB4M and a dual-port Mellanox 10GbE card, both available super cheap on ebay. Use VLANs to handle your routing needs, it’ll be limited to 20gbps, but you’re far more likely to be CPU limited anyway.