Which pci-e sfp+ nic would work best?


Hi all!

I will be receiving a SuperMicro unit with 4 RJ45 ports. I want to add an SFP+ nic with preferably 2 ports to it, as my ISP has fiber to my house.
Which would work well with VyOS?
I read about some issues in the past on intel x520 and x710 about not recognising modules and such.

I do have a Mikrotik module that is now used in a media converter, but I want to remove the media converter and just terminate it in the VyOS box.

I am planning on running the 1.4 rolling release if that’s of any importance.

Can someone share their experiences and ideas on this?

Thank you in advance!


I’ve been using x520 and x710 cards in a lot of systems and never had any problems with them. So as far as I’m concerned I would go with the x710 cards.

Just my €0,02

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Thanks for taking the time to reply!
Would that card take my Mikrotik module without a problem?
I read on the forums that those Intel nics needed some commands to accept some modules.

Can’t say if the Mikrotik one works, never tried that. At this moment we just use reprogram-able SFPs, but before we did that I never payed attention what brand an SFP was.

On the other hand, Intel compatible SFP+s are priced as low as E20,- depending on the type you need.

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Has anyone used an Emulex card like this one? https://www.servershop24.de/en/dell-dual-port-fc-hba/a-123985/
The price seems good, but if it doesn’t work, it’s still a waste of money.

I’ll agree with roedie on that one - Intel cards seem to work fine these days - there used to be some problems with the crux branch and X710/XL710 cards but that got fixed quickly - like before 1.2.0 production release. I’ve been using them evern since, in both 10G and 40G speeds - even the 8 x 10G modules from Lanner.

Mind you, I use DACs a lot, which are pretty compatible with everything (not 100% but close).