Why can WireGuard peer only be set to an IP address vs FQDN?

Currently in VyOS when setting the peer endpoint, for eg. set interfaces wireguard wg1 peer peer1 address 2001:db8::1 it’s not possible to set it to a domain name.
But using domains is supported in almost every WireGuard client including the official INI configuration file format.

Is there a specific reason this was excluded in VyOS or is it just waiting for someone to add support for it?

More details at ⚓ T1700 Wireguard FQDN endpoint doesn't work after reboot and ⚓ T5850 Wireguard Peer should allow endpoint to be specified by hostname


OK thanks, it seems like an intermediate solution would be to leave the address option empty and create a cronjob resolves the DNS name and sets the address on a peer and commits the change.

This feature on our roadmap