Windows 10 “Always On” VPN with VyOS?

Has anyone tried this and/or got it to work?

Windows 10 Documentation says it should work with any VPN provider, but so far ive tried OPNSense, PFSense and i couldnt get it to work :frowning:

I am currently looking into VyOS as ive played with it in the past when it was still Vyatta. And i was hoping someone could shine some light on this :slight_smile:

So far it seems this should be able to work if i get VyOS to work with a windows Radius server (NPS) and then figure out IKEv2 VPN :slight_smile:

Hello @jhjacobs81, I think this feature not implemented yet

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thank you for responding :slight_smile:

i found:

so i’m hoping i get any further with that.