Windows clients vs L2TP


Does anyone have a VYOS 1.1.7 config that works the way you would expect it.

Client does not get kicked off when the server decides to re-key. (is there a way to wait for the client to re-key?)
Client can reconnect promptly if they fall off (DPD that works.)
Client stays connected for long periods of time.
The endless garbage “Protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol 0x???” don’t cause the client to get kicked off.
(This might be me imagining things.)

Being dropped and unable to get back on is really a problem.
(This problem seems to be a long standing one too, according to google, it was there when it was vyatta…)


yes, it’s a known issue, and will be addressed in 1.2.x releases


Until that happens, are there any known work arounds?


Best way will be use OVPN, this will solve most of the issues


Where can I keep track of 1.2.x development?


But you are welcome not only to track but participate too :slight_smile:


I’ve just started to use VyOS 1.1.7 for L2tp ipsec VPN from my home Windows 10 PC and VyOS is deleting VPN connection after about 10-15 minutes after i established it. Is this a problem you are talking about? Is there any way to fix it now until 1.2.x released?