Wireless AC Intel 7260 - Not allowing mode higher than G



After some work to get this Wireless interface running. I have come across the following issue, I don’t believe it’s a limitation of my hardware but it could be:

  • Using a Sophos UTM110/220 https://www.sophos.com/en-us/medialibrary/PDFs/factsheets/sophosutm100110120dsna.pdf
  • The wireless PCI interface ‘clip’ has a means for a much larger PCI/M2 slotted Wireless interface. I have a feeling that the hardware of the motherboard isn’t compatible with N or AC speeds, is that even accurate?
  • At this point, I have devices connected however I’m getting G speeds, and pretty low download/Upload speeds based on that.
  • Is there a limitation currently with VYOS 1.2.0-r3 in regards to modes N and AC? I based my configuration off this post: Wireless-AC capabilities