Working squeeze-lts package repo


Does anyone know of a working copy of the squeeze-lts package repo? I realize LTS support ended Feb 29, 2016. But now that the repo (and mirrors) are gone, I cannot get any updates or build a new squeeze environment.

I revived an old dev environment I had last year and have been playing with a personal vyOS build. I added the latest openssh packages (7.2p2-1) built from source and slightly modified debian source package (borrowing the packaging files). I also am playing with the OpenStack integration mentioned here:

I was going to get the latest updates for the glibc fix, but I cannot do that anymore without a valid squeeze-lts repo. I also need to see if there is a newer kerberos 5 dev library, since openssh 7.2 won’t compile with the version I have (I had to disable it to compile).

Can anyone build a new squeeze environment to develop vyos without a working squeeze repo, or are those with a working dev environment the last one’s standing with whatever squeeze packages you last downloaded?


I just found some info on the Beryllium work on Jessie, and I may play with it in parallel. But I still need to use my current firewall until Beryllium is semi-functional. I was aiming to integrate LDAP central authentication (including SSH public keys stored in openLDAP) into vyos. That capability is only in later versions of openssh and I need an ldap client package. I may be out of luck…

Argh… Sorry - I just found my answer posted by pkilla in the vyos phabricator board…

deb squeeze-lts main


I’m a long-time Linux user but a newbie on Debian.

Would you please give the procedure for making use of this on an installed debian squeeze system?

I can install a minimal debian squeeze 6.0 system from a vagrant install but I don’t know what to change to be able to update it to latest and also install other packages.

When I try a “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade” it tries to download things and gives zero-length file error messages.

I supposed that is because it is not supported any more?

If there is still a way to do that with the above reference, that would greatly help.

I’m starting to work on a VM for VyOS developers that would allow developers to download a GITHUB repository and with a “vagrant up” command, have a working development system.

If I can get this working for VyOS 1.1.7 (Debian Squeeze) then I will probably also do the same for the next version of VyOS.

If someone has already done this, please point me to where it is available.


Hello, Tiamat
please join our development platform
You can ask questions there and also join to IRC #vyos on freenode

Feel free to ping me there(i’m syncer there too) and i will try to arrange some help from devs

It will be cool to add not only OpenLDAP support but also maybe ActiveDirectory, and other implementations