Wwan not getting an IP

Hello all -
I have a USB LTE modem (Telit LM960A18) that works great when it’s simply plugged into another device. When it’s plugged into my vyos box, I can get an IP if I use udhcpc -i wwan0.

For some reason, when using the configure shell and I set wwan0 address dhcp, it will not get an ip address.

I have the apn set, and I have the address set to dhcp, but no IP ever shows up when I do a “show interfaces.”

I know I must be missing something simple here, but I have no idea what it may be.
Anyone know where I may be going wrong here?


Hello @reno138
I haven’t had any experience with USB LTE modems on VYOS, but it looks interesting to get any log or debugging information. I saw some user guidance for this modem on his official site, try to follow it