XORP to Quagga replacement motivation


I work for a company that’s going to develop a router device. We’re now searching a software routing platform to base on. We discovered XORP and kind of like its design and architecture. However it’s a pity that it’s been inactive since 2012. We’ve found that Vyatta was based on it but then moved to Quagga. Searching for motivation for that decision I’ve only found this: Vyos does not support multi-core?. It says that the main problem was BGP performance. Are there any benchmarks available? It also says “In beta testing with our customers, we have found the scalability, performance, and stability under load, particularly with complex routing policies, of the new stack to be superior to XORP”. The XORP architecture seems kind of scalable, what were the problems? Any benchmarks under high load? And finally, what about device stacking support? With XRLs it seems possible to implement it. Does Quagga/FRR support it? There seem to be no mechanism for it.


XORP is still doing stuff, at least merging PRs.

I can’t tell you too much about the motivation of moving to quagga/frr.