Zerotier not working 1.2.6 EPA1

Version 1.2.6 EPA. Zerotier joins network but then after reboot I need to manually join the network. Also adding the zerotier interface (mapped as eth3) to a bridge with other vxlans doesn’t work. It was fine in 1.3 rolling latest and 1.2.5 LTS. No traffic can flow from zerotier interface.
sudo (zerotier install script as per their website)
zerotier-cli join
nano /var/lib/zero-tier/devicemap
add “networkid=eth3”
/etc/init.d/zerotier restart
set interfaces ethernet eth3 description zerotierbridge-if
set interfaces ethernet eth3 bidgegroup bridge br1
set interfaces vxlan vxlan1 bidgegroup bridge br1
the zerotier interface is set as ethernet bridge in zerotier control panel, so that other zerotier clients can access vxlan clients as well. It worked flawlessly in 1.2.5 and 1.3.
I freshly installed 1.2.6.