1.3 RC1 Performance regression, high CPU usage


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Then under the VYOS 1.3 Equuleus heading on the left, click the “Submit Bug Report” button and fill out the form that is provided.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that it is possible for someone to reproduce it. You can link to this forum topic as well, but please do include good information in the bug report, not just a link to the forum.


Hi @hiteshhapani ,

Could you please provide more details regarding the machine specs where you ran those tests and saw a performance degradation from 1.2.5 LTS to 1.3 RC?
Also, was it a VM or bare metal install?

Would you be willing to test again with RC4 so I can add this information on the bug report?


@Ralm We tested it on VM(2G RAM/4 CPU). Same result on RC4 as well