Anyone using vyos for a 10G Router

Is anyone using Vyos for a 10G router? I would love to know the performance and pros/cons if so. I am considering testing it out in our dev environment as our core 10G router between all networks.

Yep. I use it extensively, with VRRP, OSPFv2/v3 for a HA setup in a virtual environment.

With a few cores of E5-2640v4 processors, I am able to get 30Gbps+ routing. The VM on the D-1541 only handles about 16Gbps routing, and the D-1521 VM does around 18Gbps.

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Just for some baselining, and future references if someone is interested…

I have some VyOSes running on Intel Xeon E5-2670 @2.60GHz.
Theyre on VMware ESXI 6.5, on a HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8.

I do not manage to push 10G. I did some iPerf3 tests and got 6-7G at most.
2 cores, 4 streams.

Yeah i was wondering what real world throughput i could get if i set one up, much cheaper for our dev enviroment than a cisco 10G router. Most of the 10G routers i am seeing have 16 cores and a few gb ram so i wonder if i grab a supermicro board with a 16 core cpu and try that

Are you talking just routing? Or routing and firewalling. There’s definitely a difference when you roll in packet inspection.

Just routing at the moment

@snet2 I do firewall, but I do have these lines in my firewall, so the firewalling itself shouldn’t be too CPU intensive when doing iPerf3?
Some other info is that I use vCenter vDistributed Switchport with “route based on IP hash” if someone knows if that would impact performance at this scale.

vyos@vyos# show firewall state-policy 
 established {
     action accept
 related {
     action accept

Nah. Kernel packet filtering can’t really go 10Gb. You need some out-of-kernel solution like VPP/DPDK.

That’s why you can’t get 10Gb. Even with established/related accept rules, the packet still needs to be inspected.

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Would it be possible to do some Qos if we wanted to say limit a interface to 8Gbit as long as the hardware supported it (CPU/ram). We are currently looking at asupermicro A2SDi-16C-TP8F as our dev test board.

All this is routed no NAT or firewall. We will try seperate boxes for the 10G firewall or NAT to see what kind of performance hit they take using those features

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…in 2016. I was testing some platforms (obsd,pfsense vyos…) and Vyos 1.1.7 was best routing performer. I was testing on PowerEdge R610/ 8 cpu/2,6 Mhz with two 10 Gb intterfaces and Vyos was in routing mode score cca 3 Mpps without performances degradations and packet loss… in FW mode - 1Mpps

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