XDP on VyOS update?

Hello everyone, I saw a VyOS update from last summer about XDP implementation in VyOS and was wondering where things stand a year later. Any idea when this will be up and running.

There are some updates:

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Very cool! Is there an anticipated timeline for the ability to setup and configure via the CLI?

The big problem for this is that you need to describe the entire packet structure in “C” format. In case you use it as a firewall. The kernel already supports XDP.
First tests with drop specific ports and protocols works fine.
I can’t say when it will be ready yet.

Thanks for the response. I don’t do a lot of programming but I did review the various links in the phabricator task and it all looks pretty complicated to me. I’m hoping that eventually all the complicated lifting is done behind the scenes and we’ll be able to just create interfaces and firewall/routing rules that will be able to take advantage of XDP. Definitely appreciate the work on this.

Waiting for this feature. Hope get it as soon as possible.