Building VYOS image from source


I’m trying to build the image from the source. When I do a make iso i am getting a rolling image but the code changes that I have made in my git pulled copy is not reflecting.

For example, in vyatta-quagga submodule, I have added prints in rip_main.c file in a while loop. The prints are not being shown when I load the rolling image that is built.

And I’m not able to find the ripd.log file in /var/log/quagga/ folder. Is there any other specific directory where the logs are saved?

Thanks in advance.

Please note that submodules are not automatically rebuilt on changes. You need to build a Debian package from the submodule (debuild -b -us -uc) so that it ends in packages/
The ISO build script picks up any packages/*.deb but that’s about it.

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