Crux branch not updated

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I saw on index page, that the Crux3 is avalable. Of course, the builded iso’s only get the subscribers, but you said before, that all version is possible to build with source.

I check the crux vyos-build branch, but the latest commit is 21 days ago (it is the Crux2 i think so)

Any plan to update the crux branch?

I’m also wondering, why there is no update? Wanted to build EPA3 from source, but no Updates in code on “crux” branch…

There have been more recent commits on the current branch - which I assume is for 1.2.x.

I am not quite clear of the purpose of the master, current and named release branches.

Yeah, but i think it is the “nightly”. We would like to use the “Crux” (like “stable”) branch. But no update…

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Having spent a long time failing to build a working VyOS 1.2.0 from the current branch, I do wonder if there is another method / repo that was used to build the official (closed) releases.

Try the Docker build (with Debian8) it working me every time.

Thanks for letting me know @Vamp. It is good to know someone outside the core team is managing to make a build.

Have you been doing make iso or building all the individual packages too?

I make full ISO, after the Pre-build ISOs not available for free anymore.

The software is still free, the only thing you would pay for is that somebody else builds a full iso for you.

Actually it’s more than that, not only iso, but it’s time of the core team, marketing, documentation, this forum and so on.

They available for free to active contributors and certain organizations (like schools, non-profits, etc)

@Vamp have you been building the submodules yourself (e.g. vyatta-cfg-system) of relying on the Debian packages from

@syncer It would be useful to have an answer to the original question: if someone want to make their own build of VyOS 1.2.0-epa3, which branch of which repos should they be using?

You go clone crux, cherry pick needed changes from current and build your image

I use the Dockerfile in vyos-build github page. Not do any special additions.


I think no real reason to build “current” branch, it is similar if i download the latest rolling release.

The People ask what is the Branch that follow the “official” build? (like epa3) the crux is not update since 25 days ago, i think it is the “epa2” state…

Branch is crux
As @dmbaturin mentioned in other thread, all is open source and on best effort basis, so usually you will see delays between official release and updates on corresponding repository

Can expect same for security disclosures and hotfixes, they will be announced after
updated image delivered to customers and contributors

I’ve been building the more recent 1.2 releases from current. Now that crux LTS is available i’ve wanted to build it. So in the build folder i:

  • checked out the crux branch,
  • pulled any latest work,
  • ran the docker image and fetched all the submodules (not sure if it was necessary but surely wont hurt?) git submodule update --init --recursive && git submodule update --remote,
  • built the iso ./configure && make iso

It built fine but i’ve found the image name is (link name) vyos-1.2.0-rolling+201901272122-amd64.iso. Mounting in vmware and booting also shows version as `Version: VyOS 999.201902150135’ (using show version).

Should the iso build name be crux release related since i switched to the crux build branch? and shouldn’t the running image version be related to 1.2.0-crux LTS or whatever, not the rolling naming scheme? Also install image wants to use the rolling release image name by default too.

Some clarity on building a crux release would be fantastic :slight_smile:

./configure --build-by="" --build-type=release --version=“yourfavouriteversionmodel1.1.1”

About packages update, I think if you want to add them into your build, you need to compile them before you start building iso, please refer to

But here if your purpose is to build 1.2.0 release ISO, it seems not suitable to do this since git submodule update --init --recursive && git submodule update --remote only get the latest commit for submodule rather than the commit on the release point. For certain modules like vyatta-cfg, you can switch to crux branch, but for certain module like frr, there is no this kind of branch to switch.

My experience is not to get submodules by self to build 1.2.0 release. As you know, building script will fetch vyos related package on for crux release, I checked the latest update date for those package, most of them are updated on 2019.1.27 which is one day before 1.2.0 LTS was announced. So I think these are official release package we can use directly, but it’s just my assumption, hope there is official announcement about this part.

Ahh ok, i get what you are saying about there not necessarily being a crux branch (for eg) for packages as they are sub-modules so have their own branching scheme. (Also sorry for the late reply, finally got back to this).

I found this in the VyOS Wiki:

By default, a development build is produced, with version string like 999.201709132137 If you want to make your own release build, you can use --build-type=release and --version options

So default options build in development mode and sets the version in the built ISO to, so i should set it to release mode and set the version.

My question is: What is the current build version in the ‘crux’ branch, where can i find it? It seems ‘current’ has the latest dev code which is ported to ‘crux’ which is the release branch, which currently is version 1.2.0, but which build? Do we just assume its 1.2.0 LTS as this is the latest announcement (until 1.2.1 is released then check the last merge date on the new release branch?

EDIT: Ok, so i just saw that 1.2.1 has been released (April 16) and:

We have just released VyOS 1.2.1. [snip], and if you build an image from the Crux branch now, it will be equivalent to those images.

Ok, so i just pulled the latest build scripts from crux so now im actually building 1.2.1 and not 1.2.0? The commit history doesn’t reflect this and i don’t see any reference to version in crux? or am i missing something? Also as of this morning (+10) ‘crux’ is ahead of ‘current’ by 49 commits.

Thanks guys


I understand your concern, actually I have same question. In my understanding, there is no way to distinguish between 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 in crux branch unless you have already memorized the commit when 1.2.0 was just announced as released. Unless you already have the ISO(no matter it’s built by self or fetch it as subscriber), otherwise it’s really hard to build the specific history version as time elapsed.

The components of VyOS during building are either from VyOS development repository or build from subpackages. You can check repository, there is no version control for specific version like 1.2.0 or 1.2.1, it’s only for latest crux branch, so even you restored your commit to the point when 1.2.0 was just released, but the building will fetch the latest package, it’s actually dangerous.

Besides, like building script repository, those repositories for subpackages have no specific version control either, so it’s also impossible to build specific history version by building subpackages.

So in summary, it seems the repository only support to build latest crux version. I understand the community have more important task to complete, and hope it can be resolved in the future.

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