Current 1.4 build - Missing traffic-policy again?


No traffic-policy in news iso image.

No update was done on previous thread Current 1.4 build - Missing traffic-policy?


It is migrated to QoS

vyos@r14# set qos policy 
Possible completions:
+> cake                 Common Applications Kept Enhanced (CAKE)
+> drop-tail            Packet limited First In, First Out queue
+> fair-queue           Stochastic Fairness Queueing
+> fq-codel             Fair Queuing (FQ) with Controlled Delay (CoDel)
+> limiter              Traffic input limiting policy
+> network-emulator     Network emulator policy
+> priority-queue       Priority queuing based policy
+> random-detect        Weighted Random Early Detect policy
+> rate-control         Rate limiting policy (Token Bucket Filter)
+> round-robin          Deficit Round Robin Scheduler
+> shaper               Traffic shaping based policy (Hierarchy Token Bucket)
+> shaper-hfsc          Hierarchical Fair Service Curve's policy

ok but impossible to apply on interfaces

Just use tab to check commands

vyos@r14# set qos interface eth0 
Possible completions:
   egress               Interface egress traffic policy
   ingress              Interface ingress traffic policy