Latest rolling is broken - 1.4-rolling-202105020417

Understood, it just means for now I have no option of running 1.4-rolling.


Just a heads up that the latest rolling is still broken. I can’t use/test/report back on 1.4 for quite some time now.

Is there something up and coming that will fix the issue?

Hi @phillipmcmahon @Dmitry

Wanted to add a +1 to this, I am currently experiencing the same issue in my vSphere 7 environment where it is impractical to enable promiscuous mode.

Looking forward to seeing a fix in 1.4 Rolling Release.


Has the cause of this problem been identified and is there news on when a fix is coming.

I am a happy supporter of the project via Patreon but not been able to run 1.4-rolling for almost 6 months, and there’s no update provided.