"show dhcp server leases state all" does not report static-map leases


Using V1.3.1-S1.

From the docs (DHCP Server — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation), specifically the Hint:

Static mappings aren’t shown. To show all states, use `show dhcp server leases state all`.

I am reading the Hint as potentially ambiguous and am unsure whether:

  1. there is no command to show DHCP IPs assigned via static-mapping, or
  2. the command “show dhcp server leases” will not show static-mapped assigned IPs but the command “show dhcp server leases state all” will.

If 1) is true then there is no bug,

However, if 2) is true then I think there is a bug as the cmd “show dhcp server leases state all” does not show static-mapped assigned IPs.

Presuming 1) is true and there is not bug, is there any way to determine which (if any) static-map assigned IPs are… assigned? (Note I’m hoping that something already exists so I don’t need to write a script comparing “show arp” with the defined static-mappings.)


The crux of the issue is that ISC DHCPD treats static mappings completely differently from dynamic ones. They aren’t recorded in the lease file, so there’s no way to find out if any host was actually given one of the statically-assigned “leases”.

Those docs are indeed ambiguous. The script behind show dhcp server leases doesn’t include code for displaying static leases, so there’s effectively no command that could serve as “show me all addresses from a pool that aren’t free to assign to another host”.

However, it wouldn’t be too difficult to just include static leases alongside the normal ones. Could you make a task in phabricator.vyos.net?

Thanks! I figured it was something like that (ie not recording static-mapped assigned IPs).

Will do re a phabricator task.