Tell a bit about you and how you use VyOS



Hello Community!
Let’s get know each other!
This topic exactly for that purpose.
Feel free to tell few words about you and how you use VyOS




So i will start :slight_smile:
Myself i system engineer and one of first adopters of VyOS from first days.
Dedicating much time to VMWare environments and therefore maintain OVA for VyOS
For last 2 years helping coordinate project

Passing turn to @dmbaturin and @Unicron


I use VyOS whereever I need router, from my home network to datacenter racks. Nothing against other projects, I will use OpenWRT or OPNSense where appropriate, but VyOS is always my default choice. The main reason to start the fork of Vyatta was that I couldn’t just let the project I’m myself using everywhere go away.


I am a devops engineer and was using Vyatta from version 5. I used it mainly for my home router and some lab stuff at my work. When Vyatta was gone and @dmbaturin forked to VyOS I started to help because I like the OS and did not want it to go to waste, also helped that networking and development are interests and hobby’s of mine.


I am a Systems Engineer, a geek, family man, and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. I started using Vyatta in the days of 4.x and when Vyatta died, I was very happy to see @dmbaturin take over and fill the desire for a fork of the project. I use VyOS in my home lab, and out in colo servers where I need routers and firewalls.




Just a Systems E. I use vyos mostly for VPN server L2TP/VPN road warrior setups for my Mac Users… I have one installed a 2 if Ethernet router as well… it just works well… They were migrations from old vyatta routers/vpn servers before the brocade purchase. I also keep a few floating around as routers in my VirtualBox lab enviornment.


IT Pro and music educator. I’m using VyOS as a firewall for my lab environment. All traffic destined for other VMs and my host goes through my VyOS VM.


Network Admin for poultry company. Discovered VyOS couple of years ago and have found it to come in handy for various uses. Current production use is to support hand-held devices out in the field thru VPN through Verizon cellular net to our Datacenter for live updates to our management systems. Works very well…


IT trainer/instructor at vocational education institute, mainly young adults straight out of high school (and some still there).
Our Certificate IV and Diploma networking courses are roughly at the level of CCNA or RHCE.
I am looking for a good general purpose router to use in building virtualised labs, mostly on VMWare ESX but we have also worked with Xen and KVM. I figure why use network simulators and emulators when you can just build a real (virtual) network?
The router should have an interface and CLI not too different from industry-standards like IOS or JUNOS, and should support all the common protocols and services.
VyOS seems to do all this so I’m thinking of making it our main go-to router OS for networking labs.


System Engineer for a VFX company, had used Vyatta in the past in lab environments and such.

Had issues with finding a reliable router/firewall for IPSec site to site tunnels, we needed 1Gbps and pfsense and juniper gear struggled above 500Mbps.

VyOS had no problem filling the pipe.


Network Architect at a small managed service provider. We try to use VyOS as virtual router on the edge to customer’s virtualized networks. Main focus on development of automated setup using VMware template (uh-oh some questions, by the way) and Ansible for automating post-installation setup.