Tell a bit about you and how you use VyOS



Look at the performance improvement with the previous version, and hope to use it for multiple branches interconnection, can replace BrazilFW Firewall, thank you!


I’m a Telco engineer working in may different areas for tier-1 telco’s and/or vendors - Optical, IP, Cloud, etc. At the moment I’m back in the Optical space. Part of my job is to break things.
Growing up I very much liked IT (and comms), so ran a BBS for a few years, and eventually got involved in virtualisation.
…so I have a home environment with a couple of basic VMware servers running all sorts of things, and of course things are much more complicated than they need to be.

I’m still on ADSL but soon should be getting something better, so I need a plan to replace my Cisco 877. Given my virtualisation environment it made sense to look at virtualised router, and so came across VYOS (mainly because it supported DMVPN). I’ve then slowly moved functionality away from the Cisco and on to VYOS. I’m now using VYOS to do everything with my Cisco now just in bridged mode.

Since I still have my telco hat on, I still look for redundancy so am using 2 VYOS VMs (another running on my NAS with QEMU) with then in a cluster.

The more and more I use VYOS the more I like it, so I do intend on contributing to make it better. Most likely with bug reports as I do seem to be good at breaking things. While I know how to code it’s certainly not my forte, so I don’t believe I would really add much value there, but who knows…


I’m a cloud engineer at Skytap and we use VyOS whenever we need a router in one of our virtual environments and also recommend it to customers.


I am a network security engineer, certified in Palo Alto NGFW. I use VyOs to flesh out my lab for everything I can use it for without going name brand. I currently have 12 instances running for BGP, OSPF, general routing, firewall and NATing. I love the old Vyatta documentation and find it quite useful. Once you stretch into the more advanced features, you realize it’s limitations, but hey, it’s excellent for open source and everything and one has room for improvement.