VyOS 1.2.0 build for 586?


Progress update: I now have a working i386 architecture ISO build that boots up correctly on VirtualBox and allows me to login using the vyos/vyos username and password. Woohoo! :grinning:

I am still trying to work through some problems with the kernel build configuration but I will start submitting some Pull Requests.


Wooho! That is really awesome work you have done.


Any chance of a how to or a download of the build?


I am really close to giving up on getting a proper build for 586 working.

I have had a lot of trouble trying to get the kernel to build with the configuration that I provided. I had to patch kernel-package to get the kernel to build (see bug #890817). But even then there are weird problems with the kernel configuration getting changed during the build - something to do with make synconfig getting called, I think.

I asked on Stack Exchange but nobody responded:

A previous attempt at building for i386 is here. I has a 686 kernel - which may work fine:

The SHA1 is: 870ab8bd42a0036c2a717a34ab2daffebad2547c

I didn’t realise that you can buy a second-hand 64-bit nettop PC on eBay so cheaply - so I am really close to giving up on i386 and doing that…