Vyos 1.2.3 LTS memory leak

Hi, I have a problem with the following. For some reason I run out of RAM, the router either hangs or stops storing rules in config … after restart I lose the rules. That’s how I do 3 machines. Vyos version is 1.2.0 to 1.2.3LTS. In processes, I cannot find which process causes the problem.

Hello @fajncba75, can you provide atop files located at /var/log/atop/?
What NICs using on these routers?
Is this is bare metal or VM?

Hello, we use intel sfp+ NICs and Miricom… in this router is bare metal with Intel X520-DA2. I do not have permission to upload the file. Where can I send them?

Seems this is known issue with ixgbe module. In rolling release it already fixed, and VyOS 1.2.4-epa1 also has this fix. Bit more you can read Kernel Memory Leak on VyOS

Ok, I thought it was already fixed in 1.2.3