Vyos reboot hang


any idea how to debug this?
i execute the command reboot and the reboot hang here.
A force reset is the only way the reboot :frowning:
vm is running under kvm with ubuntu 22.04 as host.



Do you have a commit archive in your configuration?
Might be related ⚓ T4412 commit archive: reboot not working with sftp.


i have no remote archive configured


looks after booting/reboot


Did you enable HTTP API? There is a bug for async to configure vyos with http api.

it’s related something is wrong current configuration , in fact ,there would be a configuration doesn’t match with configuration Could you full configuration ?

I mean I have found the issue, but why is this happend?

here my cloudinit minimal setup

I have updated the thread you are refering to with info on how to solve if the last config-version lines are missing.

However that mostly only applies if you try to upload a backup configuration through scp or similar to your VyOS device.

If its a fresh install and you use cloud-init for it to pick up which IP-addresses and hostname etc to use (that is you dont upload a custom config.boot to the device) I then think there might be some bug or such in the cloud-init-script for VyOS.

For example that the cloud-init script should add the “magic lines” at bottom of the config.boot it creates (if they are not already there).

so I have remove my two lines with ntp commands and no errors appears by the first boot with cloudinit. But why are these commands are outdated and must migrated?

  • set service ntp allow-client address
  • set service ntp server mytimeserver.com

config.boot now has at the end of the file, the 3 lines that is needed.

but the vyos hang also.

I have configured the http api and tested my cloudinit config without using http api but it hangs also

The two lines you posted looks good to me with latest 1.4-rolling.

If you do the trick of appending a correct postfix to the config-file then the config itself must be valid otherwise it might crash.

Could you upload the whole config you got there?

show configuration commands | strip-private

of course

sorry for only screenshots, at the moment I deploy in a kvm test env without connection outside from this test env.


Edit interesting the time zone is not correct, i have configured Europe/Berlin and not UTC