Zabbix agent updates


at the moment I using 1.4 EPA2 with the integrated Zabbix Agent.
Is there a roadmap how to upgrade to the latest Zabbix Agent in the future. How handle it in the past?


We use the same as in Debian bookworm vyos-1x/debian/control at be41ac33f37bbf740d20021c66dc8fd048a68520 · vyos/vyos-1x · GitHub


If you really want you can always

  1. Use Zabbix Agent in a container
  2. dpkg -i

I would suggest 1 over 2, as 2 is still going to rely on the built in Vyos settings.

What functionality is missing that requires a later version of Zabbix agent?

Hi, I ´m not missing a feature, only security fixes are interesting for me at this point.
The solution is fine for me

Hi, you can use packet-vyos and build a golden image with newer zabbix or any other package or customization. You can use a vyos.iso as input, LTS or rolling release.