Tell a bit about you and how you use VyOS

I’m a 37 year old datacenter Network Engineer/Operator working in and living in Switzerland. Back then I started with Cisco devices and Routing, working for a big swiss ISP. Today I work with Brocade/Extreme equipment mostly.
I use VyOS, since a week, only at home at the moment for my little home network. Before VyOS I used pfSense, followed by OpnSense. The first OpnSense version i used was 17.1. I do this just for fun and to gain experience in other network equipment than the big ones like Cisco and Extreme.
Also I’m using OSS as much as possible. This includes my desk too. Therefore I’m looking to build my new home network on whitebox hardware (if you know a good 8 or 10-Port 10Gig Whitebox Switch, best with at least 1PoE Port, please tell me ;).